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Keki Mawe Inc

Combating anemia and malnutrition in Malawi through food fortification

Food Products

We produce organic nutritious food products that are high in iron, vitamins and proteins to combat malnutrition.


We train farmers to use organic and irrigation methods to grow various crops that are rich in nutrients.

Market Access

We procure agriculture produce from farmers and turn into to high quality nutritious products

Malnutrion in Malawi

Iron Defiency Anemia is one of major public health challanges in Malawi, affecting more than 2.5 million people in Malawi. About 1.4 million children under the age of 5 in Malawi suffer from malnutrition every year, of which 60% is attributed to lack of access to nutritious food. As such, we stand in this gap to offer simple, affordable and highly nutritious food products that can mitigate this challange.

Agriculture Trainings

We empower farmers with trainings and in turn they supply us with ingriedients that are need to manufacture high quality and nutritious food products. In doing so, we are able to combat malnutrion, hunger and poverty.

Our Impact

SInce 2016, we have trained over 70,000 farmers in rural areas of southern Malawi, through our digital trainings tools and partners. We have also directly supplied food products to households and distributors in Malawi, South Africa and Kenya. In 2021, we empowered over 8000 households with nutritious food products (such as Iron fortified biscuits, soybeans and groundnuts). The more we train and offer food, is the more people get access to nutritious food products and alleviate malnutrition in Malawi.

Featured Work

Join us in the fight against malnutrition in Malawi

You can support our initiative by buying our nutritous products and donating resources that can help us on our cause.